Carbon Capture & Storage

This resource has been designed to provide teachers with an introduction to carbon capture and storage (CCS), a carbon emissions reduction technology. It provides experiments, activities, lessons and homework ideas as well as links to a number of other useful CCS education resources. Each module in this booklet has been organised so that it can be run as a standalone lesson, or can be combined to create a mini CCS project over a few weeks, which can also be linked to a visit from GeoBus. 

This resource pack was developed in partnership with The Crown Estate, with support from The Global CCS Institute, Royal Dutch Shell and SCCS. Special thanks to Megan O’Donnell and Katy Relph. These resources and further carbon capture and storage education materials can be found at

Download the complete resource as a PDF or click through the individual sections below.

Chapter 1: Starting Materials

Below is a series of introductory modules designed to expose the students to new vocabulary, concepts surrounding CCS and why it might be needed. You can download the whole of Chapter 1: Starting Materials as a pdf, or click on each link to open the relevant lesson plan.

CCS Chapter 1: Starting Materials

Chapter 2: Advanced Materials

A series of more technically complex materials, these resources build on those in Chapter 1. Download the whole of Chapter 2: Advanced Materials, or select the individual sections.

CCS Chapter 2: Advanced Materials

Chapter 3: Games

Below is a number of additional, fun CCS education resources that can be utilised as extension tasks for faster students, or as shorter filler modules for use during another lesson.

CCS Chapter 3: Games

Chapter 4: Additional Resources

Information about how to find and request further CCS teaching resources, useful links and publications and other relevant information. Please note that this is external content which GeoBus is not responsible for – if you come across any broken or out of date links, or inappropriate content, please get in touch to let us know.

CCS Chapter 4: Additional Resources

Appendix: Curriculum Links

Please check the GeoBus website for updates; we value your feedback and would love to hear from you if you use the resources. We can also provide school visits on this topic – for more information check out our available workshops.

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