GeoBus teaching packages cover broad areas of Earth science and are aimed at supporting STEM subject teaching generally, as well as highlighting career opportunities in Earth Science and other STEM subjects.

Our fundamental aim is to engage with pupils to enhance their understanding of Earth Science, and provide resources and support to teachers across the UK whose main subject may not be geology. All of the GeoBus teaching packages are based around hands-on and interactive learning, and all the resources involved in the activities are brought to the school.

School visits are coordinated by Jen Brooke and the workshops are delivered by Jen and Sean Doherty. GeoBus was developed by geologist Dr Ruth Robinson, and is directed by Ruth and Dr Claire Cousins. We have an active Steering Committee composed of the GeoBus team plus representatives from our sponsor companies, which meets twice a year to discuss the achievements, workshop developments, social media, competitions and finances of GeoBus.

Meet the GeoBus Team


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARuth Robinson (University of St Andrews)

Ruth is an honourary lecturer in the School of Earth & Environmental Sciences. She has a BSc in Geology from the City University of New York (1992) and a PhD from Penn State University (1997). She is the Director and founder of GeoBus and provides overall direction and vision for the project as well as managing the funding, budgets and publications. Her particular research interests are in non-marine sedimentary systems and geochronology.


clareClaire Cousins (University of St Andrews)

Claire is currently a Royal Society of Edinburgh Research Fellow and will be a Lecturer in Earth Sciences as of October 2018. She is Co-PI of the Geobiology Laboratory and a member of the St Andrews Centre for Exoplanet Science. Her research interests include robotic exploration of Mars, constraining the habitability of extraterrestrial environments, and understanding how biomarkers are preserved in the rock record.


jenJennifer Brooke (University of St Andrews)

Jen is the Education Coordinator for GeoBus. She graduated from The University of Edinburgh in 2012 with a BSc in Geology, before studying the movement of hydrogen in minerals in the deep Earth for her PhD, which she also undertook at the University of Edinburgh. Jen coordinates visits to schools, liaises with teachers, co-teaches the workshops and develops workshops with industry and researchers.


Sean picSean Doherty (University of St Andrews)

Sean is the GeoBus Education Officer. He has a joint honors BSc in Geology and Archaeology from the University of Birmingham (2007). He has worked on making Geology more accessible to the public with a particular interest in the Fossil Grove site in Glasgow. He co-teaches the workshops, coordinates all GeoBus social media – including managing the YouTube channel – and is involved in the development of workshops.