About GeoBus

Lauren and Lynn at the SAGT Conference 2022

GeoBus® teaching packages cover broad areas of Earth Science and are aimed at supporting STEM subject teaching generally, as well as highlighting career opportunities in Earth Science and other STEM subjects.

Our fundamental aim is to engage with learners, to enhance their understanding of Earth Science and provide resources and support to teachers across the UK whose main subject may not be geology.

Initially, the project focussed on visiting schools in person to deliver workshops, but as the reputation of the project spread and demand increased, lesson packages have been adapted to be available online for teachers to deliver. Since 2022, GeoBus has been offering professional learning courses for teachers to provide ideas for practical activities to engage learners with topics and to explain concepts as well as background information to build teacher knowledge and confidence in Earth Science topics.

GeoBus was developed by geologist Dr Ruth Robinson, who maintains an active interest in the project. The team work closely with the Director of Impact and Outreach in the School of Earth Science, Dr Claire Cousins, to facilitate opportunities for all staff members to share their research interests. Activities are delivered by the GeoBus team.

Meet the GeoBus Team

Ruth Robinson

Ruth is an honourary lecturer in the School of Earth & Environmental Sciences. She has a BSc in Geology from the City University of New York (1992) and a PhD from Penn State University (1997). She founded GeoBus in 2012 and is still keenly interested in the activities carried out by the team. Her particular research interests are in non-marine sedimentary systems and geochronology.

Claire Cousins

Claire is a Senior Lecturer in Earth Sciences. She is Co-PI of the Geobiology Laboratory and a member of the St Andrews Centre for Exoplanet Science. Her research interests include robotic exploration of Mars, constraining the habitability of extraterrestrial environments, and understanding how biomarkers are preserved in the rock record.

Lynn Daley

Lynn is our GeoBus Education Coordinator.  She has a B.Sc. in Earth Science, an M.Sc. in Wildlife Management, and is a qualified teacher who has taught science and geography in Ireland and Scotland. She has also taught field courses in geology, geography, environmental science and biology in Scotland, England, and Ireland. 

As well as working directly with students she has also designed and led professional learning courses for teachers, sharing tried and tested ideas to inspire and engage learners of all ages.

Lauren Urquhart Team GeoBus

Lauren Urquhart

Lauren is our GeoBus Education Assistant. She graduated from the University of Dundee in 2017 with a First Class Honours degree in Geography and Environmental Science. Since, she has gained over 4 years of experience working in both the public and third sectors, engaging and educating people of all ages and backgrounds on climate change and sustainability. Lauren is a keen baker and enjoys a wander at the beach with her dog, Angus!