Mobile Teaching Resources

 GeoBus teaching packages and resources include:

  • The Magic of Minerals
  • Fundamentals of Rocks
  • Geological Time and Radioactivity
  • Monitoring Volcanoes
  • Scotland’s Rocks
  • Climate change: Snowballs or Greenhouses?
  • Fluvial Processes
  • Geological Mapping
  • A Journey to Mars – meet Curiosity
  • Geothermal Energy
  • Drilling for Oil OR Building a Windfarm
  • Discovering Dinosaurs

Teaching packages are developed to support cross-disciplinary teaching within the Curriculum for Excellence framework.

Materials brought to schools include extensive mineral, rock and fossil collections, microscopes and thin sections, and geological maps, as well as datasets from universities and industry.

Certain materials (hand-outs and teacher instructions, and basic rock and mineral sets) will be left with the schools for future use.

GeoBus can support outdoor education, particularly geological field skills training, and can provide transport to local field sites for small groups (up to 15). Undergraduate students will be involved in the outdoor field trips.