Workshop Resources

Over the years GeoBus has tried and tested a range of activities to demonstrate different Earth Science topics. Under each topic below is a selection of quick activities that can be incorporated in to lessons to provide a hands on learning experience, along with more in-depth lesson plans which are based on the GeoBus workshops delivered over the years.

Anyone is free to use these resources as they wish and if you have any questions or would like additional support with sourcing materials then please feel free to get in touch via You can also contact us via social media  facebook_email twitter_email

Earth Forces - Quick Activities
Popping Canisters Download
Convection Current Download
Earth Forces - Lesson Plans
Earthquakes - workshop notes.pdf Download
Earthquakes - presentation.pptm Download
Earthquakes - booklet.pdf Download
Earthquake - booklet answers.pdf Download
Monitoring Volcanoes - workshop notes.pdf Download
Monitoring Volcanoes - presentation.pptm Download
Monitoring Volcanoes - booklet.pdf Download
Monitoring Volcanoes - worksheet.pdf Download
Monitoring Volcanoes - booklet answers.pdf Download
Plate Tectonics - workshop notes.pdf Download
Plate Tectonics - presentation.pptm Download
Plate Tectonics - Earthquake worksheet.pdf Download
Exploration and Resources - Quick Activities
HappyFamilies_forprint_1set.pdf (prints as 1 full set of cards, double sided A4) Download
HappyFamilies_forprint_4sets.pdf (prints as 4 full sets of cards, double sided A4) Download
HappyFamilies_box.pdf (template folds to a box that holds 1 set of cards) Download
TopTrumps_forprint_1set.pdf (prints as 1 full set of cards, double sided A4) Download
TopTrumps_forprint_4sets.pdf (prints as 4 full sets of cards, double sided A4) Download
TopTrumps_box.pdf (template folds to a box that holds 1 set of cards) Download
Exploration and Resources - Lesson Plans
Coring Through Time - workshop notes.pdf Download
Coring Through Time - presentation.pptx Download

For further activities which look at how we explore other planets please follow the link to our Mission To Mars! resource page.

Climate and Glaciation - Quick Activities
Glacial Striations Download
Climate and Glaciation - Lesson Plans
Climate Change - workshop notes.pdf Download
Climate Change - presentation.pptx Download

For additional activities you can visit our Climate Science resource page which was developed in conjunction with Dr James Rae or if you are interested in the effects of a warming planet on our glaciers we have a number of resources developed with Prof. Doug Benn – The Power Of Ice.

Geology Of Scotland - Quick Activities

Mountain Building Download

Geology of Scotland - Lesson Plans

Scotland's Climate - workshop notes.pdf Download
Scotland's Climate - presentation.pptx Download
Scotland's Climate - booklet.pdf Download
Scotland's Climate - booklet answers.pdf Download

Above is a selection of GeoBus “Geology In a Minute” videos which focus on various topics in Earth Science and some of the current research within St Andrews.  Visit our YouTube channel for a full list of videos available.