Numbers & Places Update

GeoBus has been to over 120 different secondary schools and just under 15,000 pupils have been involved in the practical hands-on teaching activities across Scotland since our launch back in January 2012. New bookings for visits to schools between August and December 2013 are now almost full, and there are only 17 free days left. We would like … Read more

GeoBus clocks up the miles

Another brilliant piece in TES by Julia Belgutay highlighting the number of students and schools visited since GeoBus started back in January 2012!

Welcome Charlotte Pike!

Our new employee Charlotte Pike has joined us to support the growth and expansion of Geobus. As well as supporting Kathryn in developing and delivering our teaching packages she has been developing ideas for GeoClubs in schools. She has recently contacted teachers to get their thoughts and suggestions, and these are helping us to develop a package of … Read more

GeoBus comes to town

GeoBus made a hop, skip and a jump across the border to visit Abbey Gate College for a full day of Geology workshops. The Magic of Minerals, Monitoring Volcanoes and Geological Time to name a few! Here’s their take on the day with some fantastic photos to boot!

One year on

Here’s a piece on GeoBus one year on from its launch. Happy Birthday GeoBus!  

GeoBus starts new school year

A nice summary of GeoBus’s first term in schools and plans for the future.

Dollar Academy Visit

Dollar Academy’s take on our recent Fluvial Processes workshop.

Bucksburn Academy

GeoBus recently visited Bucksburn Academy to run the Renewables Challenge. Here’s their take on the day as well as some brilliant pictures of some of their turbine designs!

Doon Academy Visit

A brilliant write up about GeoBus’ recent visit to Doon Academy for Fluvial, Fossils and Volcanoes workshops.